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I'm sorry, there are no records in our database with the search criteria you entered.

Your current search criteria is: [Object]Current Location is """"""" or [Object]Current Location is "@atrium@" or [Object]Current Location is "@foyer@" or [Object]Current Location is "@seminar room@" and Disp_Obj_Type="Painting" and Disp_Maker_1="Sarah Grilo" and Disp_Maker_1="Luca Giordano" and Creation_Place2="Flemish" and Disp_Maker_1="Mary Corse" and Disp_Maker_1="Domenico Piola" and Century="21st century" and Disp_Maker_1="Byron Kim" and Disp_Maker_1="Johann Gotthard von M��ller" and Disp_Maker_1="Alfredo Calder��n" and Disp_Maker_1="Leufert Gerd," and mfs ;Nedo M.F." and [Object]Century is "19th century".


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